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I’m concerned that Google Reader may have preëmptively destroyed my life as a blogger.  Months ago, I started using it to keep up with blogs I’d found that were interesting and inspiring.  Then I found more.  I now routinely have around 40 unread blog posts at any given time, and they all seem to be so fascinating or contain such vital information that to just delete them would seal me in permanent ignorance.  Add that to the 92 emails currently in my inbox unrespnded to, the three versions of to-do lists I carry around in vain hope, and the fact that I’ve slept two-hours later than intended every day this week (I blame the pollen, for everything), and you’ll see the direction things are heading.  Since they’re all just for fun, I won’t even get into detail about the 27 shows waiting on the DVR or the backlog of unread magazines going back to January (ok, January 2009). 

I’d love to tell you that I’m going to get on top of all this soon (I tell myself this about everyday), but all these get worked into the edges of my life around my family and work and Church and friends (all my first things – without them I’d have nothing to write about).  Those edges get pretty thin, and honestly, since it’s almost beach season, are about to get thinner.  I completely believe that letting me live near the beach is a main way I’m kept sane and balanced, and I feel it’s my responsibility to fully take advantage of that as much as possible.  And I’m not taking my laptop out there.  I can’t be that guy.  Maybe just my phone…

All that said, I am working on some new posts and hope to have them up very soon.  Thanks to all of you who checked this out over the last few weeks.  That so many of you would take time from the edges of your life to share a little of mine is a mind-blowing compliment.  You’ll never know how much it means to me (or how many times a day I check WordPress to see if anyone’s reading!).  Be full and loved today!

PS – clearly I’m obsessed with using parenthesis.  I don’t know when this happened, but I love them.


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