“Story is the way I discover what I think and who I am.
(It is a handicap: needing to live all things twice, in breath and in word, before you can really understand your life.)”

The essentials:  My name is Wes.  I’m 32.  I have a wife and a daughter.  I live near the coast.  I work in retail.  I’m part of the Church.

I both love and try to write.  I never gave it much thought; it just came out.  I’ve been thinking for months about starting a blog, and before getting started I spent time reading a lot of others.  There are some really amazing ones out there, and you’d probably be best served by just reading those.  That said, I’ve always lived my life out in words.  Sometimes neatly, sometimes in vague poems, mostly in endless sentences that I hope will eventually get me somewhere.  I’m hoping to share some of that here, not really knowing what it’ll mean for me or for you.  I’m sure it will change, and we’ll figure it out on the way.  I’d love to hear your thoughts; I know if we get anywere, we’ll get there together. 

When I read the line at the top, there was no better way to explain the story of my blog, or at least to give a reason for it’s existence.  After years of living things twice, in every possible form of notebook, journal, or assemblage of paper, I decided I should at least try to channel that drive into something beneficial (I also think the people I love will appreciate a break from my moody “writer without an outlet” tendencies).  I’m going to give this a shot in case someone can find themself in something here. 

My disclaimer:  I have amazing people in my life who love me, support me, and whom I trust.  Almost everything I post here, someone has seen first.  I only want to give what matters and have no desire to subject other people to my occassional whims.  I trust them to keep me true and real.