Since it’s nearly spring, it seems like a good time to start on this New Year’s resolution (I like to feel things out a little).  I have been working on it.  I’ve reformatted it and changed the name.  I’ve tried to figure out every little feature in WordPress, and waited just long enough between each attempt to make sure I have to re-learn it each time.  I’ve agonized over each of those choices, all while fully aware that I’m the only one who will even see their results at this point.  I’ve read lots of other blogs and decided about weekly that this is a bad idea.  I have plans for what I’ll do if no one reads this and if so many read it that the server crashes (I’m sure that could happen!). 

So now we’ve come to the point of write and post and see, or leave it and move on to another item on my “Things That Will Make Me a Better Person” list.  I know my copy of Learn Spanish in 24 Hours is around here somewhere…

I do know that there’s a great sense of possibility these days.  We depend a lot on hope, which can be hard to see, so I’m learning that sometimes we just have to start. 

This idea began with poems, unmanageable, indulgent, and persistent, so it only seems fair that they go first.